Looking For The Best Seedbox? Seedstuff.ca Wins Again | Review 2017

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So you are looking for a seedbox, but you don’t know who to choose from the hundreds of providers out there?

Don’t worry, the choice is actually very simple. Seedstuff.ca have got a proven track record of delivering low pricing, top-notch support, great speeds, and all the uptime you could ever want.

If you look hard enough, you can find evidence that I’ve been recommending Seedstuff for more than 5 years, not once in all that time has someone come back to me and said “Hey man! bad advice”, do you know why? Because I wouldn’t recommend a service to you that I don’t personally believe in and use myself. It’s as simple as that.

If you do decide to trust my advice, why not save yourself some extra money in the process?

Use the coupon code givemediscount¬†for 20% off any shared seedbox for the first month. Now you’ve got an even sweeter deal, worst case scenario their service isn’t what you are looking for and you cancel after the first month. Not bad for random-internet-advice I’d say.

Have fun, click here to go to seedstuff.ca