Everything You Need To Know | Review 2017

Who is is a reliable seedbox, dedicated server, and PLEX server hosting provider. They have been in the business for years, with the backing of Hostingor, you can rest assured that they know what they are talking about.

The company is run around the following core beliefs, which reflects in their products and their staff, since 2008!

Trust, Quality, Speed, Support, and Money Back Guarantee. As you can see they are serious when it comes to keeping their customers happy, which is why I’ve been using them for years and recommending them along the way.


What do they offer?

Mini Slots (for the beginners or those who don’t need lots of space)

  • €5 – 200GB, 100/100 Megabit.
  • €7.5 – 300GB, 150/150 Megabit.
  • €10 – 400GB, 200/200 Megabit.
  • €12.5 – 500GB, 250/250 Megabit.

Premium Slots (for those serious about moving lots of data)

  • €14 – 1TB, 1000/1000 Megabit.
  • €20 – 1.5TB, 1000/1000 Megabit.
  • €27 – 2TB, 1000/1000 Megabit.
  • €50 – 3.6TB, 1000/1000 Megabit

All premium slots come with premium features such as VPN, AutoDL-Irssi, and Resillo sync.

Premium SSD Slots (for those who want speed)

  • €20 – 200GB, 20/20 Gigabit.
  • €25 – 250GB, 20/20 Gigabit.
  • €45 – 500GB, 20/20 Gigabit.
  • €90 – 1TB, 20/20 Gigabit.

All premium SSD slots come with the same additional features as the Premium Slots.

Premium PLEX Slots (for those who want to stream via PLEX)

  • €35 – 4TB, 4GB RAM, 2-3 PLEX Streams.
  • €40 – 4TB, 8GB RAM, 3-4 PLEX Streams.
  • €45 – 4TB, 8GB RAM, 4-7 PLEX Streams.
  • €62 – 8TB, 16GB RAM, 4-6 PLEX Streams.

Additional features include VPN access, Emby, BTSync, and more.


Still not convinced?

Not only do you have a FULL 14-day money back guarantee when ordering from them, I’ve secured us a 25% off promo code for the first month. Which means that you can try the service basically risk-free at a cheaper price. Nifty isn’t it?

Use the promotional code: cheapninja to receive the discount.

Head on over to to place an order or you could check out some other reviews we have.