Why Seedstuff.ca Is The Best | Complete Review 2017

If you are anything like me then you always want the best of the best. You don’t want to spend any of your hard-earned money until you are sure that what you are spending it on quality. Read on to see why Seedstuff.ca is the seedbox provider for you.


Who is Seedstuff.ca?

Seedstuff.ca started in Canada in 2010 around the simple (yet revolutionary) idea of excelling in customer service, keeping prices low, and never overselling their servers.

In the shared seedbox world it is not uncommon to see companies purchase large storage servers with limited processing power and then stuff as many users as they can onto the server. In order to increase their profits. Chances are you have been with one of these providers if you have been shopping around for a bit.

Seedstuff has refused to follow this awful practice since day one, always disclosing up front how many users are on each shared server. This allows you to know exactly what you are paying for, and what you can expect.

The most users can be found on the “Dirt” seedboxes, their cheapest offering, which has 32 users per server. But don’t worry, their staff have made sure that each of those 32 users receives a service worthy of the Seedstuff name.

Seedstuff has been consistently able to provide their users with Speed, Privacy, Incredible Support, and Unbeatable Pricing.


What packages do they offer?

Before we dig into the packages they offer, it is important to note that all packages come with unlimited and unmetered bandwidth, you can transfer as much data as you want.


Shared Seedboxes (for those who want everything preinstalled)

  • $10 Dirt – 250GB, 1GB RAM, 500Mbit network.
  • $15 Hobo – 500GB, 2GB RAM, 500Mbit network.
  • $25 Turbo – 1TB, 4GB RAM, 500Mbit network.
  • $45 Xtreme – 2TB, 8GB RAM, 1Gbit network.

All of the shared seedboxes come with lots of additional features such as rTorrent manager, FTP(S), Rar/Unrar, Transdroid, BTSync, Kodi TV Streaming.

For most users I recommend the Hobo or Turbo, Unless you have a need for additional storage, then go for the Xtreme.


Dedicated Servers (for those who manually install additional software)

  • $20 SS-1 – 500GB, 2GB RAM.
  • $30 SS-2 – 1TB, 4GB RAM.
  • $35 SS-3 – 2TB, 8GB RAM.
  • $40 SS-4 – 2TB, 16GB RAM.

All dedicated servers come with full root ssh access, 100Mbit network, and free OS reinstalls.

The SS-2 has always been right at the sweet spot of price to performance to storage in my opinion, I recommend you start there.


Should I choose EU or NA?

Each one of these shared and dedicated server packages can be ordered either in France or North America. Which region you choose depends on if you want to prioritise download speeds or privacy concerns.

Choosing a server in the same country as you are might give you slightly better internet speeds, but If you are in an area with good internet you shouldn’t need to worry about this as all Seedstuff boxes are seriously fast.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about privacy and takedown notices then choosing a server in another country can create an extra layer of protection for your anonymity, which might be what you are after.


Still not convinced?

Today is your lucky day, I’ve been able to secure us a few promotional codes that you can apply during checkout to get discount for the first month. A pretty sweet way to try out their service.


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